Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Oregon Coast

After being in Oregon for a week we we're beginning to experience some feelings of withdrawals from the smell of the salty air. So we woke up, got in the car and drove straight for the coast!

After our 2 and a half hour drive, we we're a little hungry so we stopped into Mo's for some clam chowder, in a bread bowl! It was warm, salty and delicious! Yes, that yellow in the middle is butter. :)
After lunch we walked into a candy shop that sold fresh salt water taffy! We bought a pound of taffy! There were just too many flavors I had to try!
As we were walking along the bayfront we could hear the barking of the sea lions!
And we walked until we found them!
After I googled over the sea lions, we got in the car and drove north to the Yaquine Head Lighthouse.

At the base of the lighthouse is a trail to the beach bellow which is covered in these slippery black rocks.

The beach had large tide pools at low tide with tons of aquatic wildlife.

Beautiful rocks surrounding the beach.

I found a couple of bones on the beach. I'm guessing they're from a sea lion???

We followed the Oregeon Coast Bike Route on our drive to the different beaches. We will definitely have to come back one day with our bikes!